First Years Academy


School Year Calendar 2021/2022

Term One

17th August, 2022Start of Term One
7th October 2022Maulid Day
10th October, 2022Start of Midterm Break
13th October, 2022End of Midterm Break
14th October, 2022Nyerere Day
30th November 2022End of Term One

Term Two

4th January, 2023Start of Term Two
12th January, 2023
Revolution Day
17th February, 2023
Start of Midterm Break
20th February, 2023
End of Midterm Break
29th March, 2023
End of Term Two

Term Three

10th April, 2023
Easter Monday
11th April, 2023
Start of Term Three
21st/22nd April, 2023
Tentative Eid
26th April, 2023
Union Day
1st May, 2023
Workers Day
21st June, 2023
End of Term three