First Years Academy


Welcome to First Years Academy !

Transitioning from primary to secondary is a significant for students. Our school’s lower secondary is designed to develop well-rounded and enthusiastic learners who have the necessary skills required to explore the opportunities of the present and face the challenges of the future with confidence.

We cater to the wide range of abilities and talents of all our students by providing a sound and solid foundation to develop their potential enabling them to make a positive contribution to society. The students are encouraged to take pride in personal achievement through hard work. 

Cambridge Lower Secondary provides a natural progression from Primary Education helping to equip your child with the knowledge and skills that lead to the formal IGCSE qualifications and beyond.

Our Educational Programs place significant emphasis on:

  • Attainment of academic excellence
  • Development of student confidence, initiative, and independence
  • Development of the skills needed for lifelong learning
  • Individualized student support
  • Constructive partnership with parents